1. Methodology & Metrics

What metrics will I find at Winnin Insights?

In this article we open up about the main metrics delivered by Insights.

Estimated Viewership Index

Viewership is an estimate of the number of unique people who have watched a video, indicating an estimated size of the topic audience, rating on a scale of 1 to 10.


Engagement is calculated based on interactions, using metrics from social media platforms such as comments, reactions, likes and dislikes.


This metric indicates the number of video interactions for a sample of publications in the last year.


It represents the number of views per video using a sample of videos published in the last year.


It is the percentage calculation of the likes number divided by the number of views.


If you still have any questions about our metrics, contact our support team at cs@winnin.com or contact your account manager directly. :)

Great insights await you!