1. Methodology & Metrics

Which metrics are available on Video Analytics on the Videos tab of the Channels Macroarea?

In this article, we will explain which are the metrics present on Video Analytics, and how to use them.

Analysing the metrics of your channel's videos is essential to understand about the channel's performance on the online video ecosystem, as well as it's videos relevance and impact. For this reason, Winnin Insights has a dedicated area to these metrics, to fuel your analysis and reports with data. 

The first segment of this page contains information about the main metrics of the video being analysed: Views, Likes, Comments and Subscribers gained since the video was published. Aside from that, on the cards is possible to analyse the video's numbers from the first 7 and 30 days since being published, and also the averages of each of the metrics of your channel's videos, for comparative purposes. 

Moving on, we can find 2 graphs: First 30 days Performance and Monthly Performance. They bring graphical representations of Likes, Comments, Views and Shares, allowing a practical monitoring of the video's metrics history over time. 

In Audience Retention it's possible to use 2 different time windows: one that brings the video's first 30 days metrics; and one that brings it's cumulative metrics, regarding the complete lifetime of the video since it's publication until now. 

That being said, it's possible to analyse the cards with the following information: 

Watch Time: This number corresponds to the total time of exhibition of the video, according to the chosen time window.

Average Watch Time: The average watch time gives us the estimated average in watched minutes per view of the video. This allows us to know how much time the spectators are watching the video before moving on to another video. 

Average View Percentage: The average view percentage, that shows how many people watched the video until the end. 

Aside from that, it is also possible to see graphs about Watch Ration and Relative Retention: 

Watch Ratio: With the Public Retention metric you can see how many times each segment of your video was watched with a percentage of the total of views. It’s important to disclaim that whenever viewers rewind a video and watch it again, these results can go over 100%.

Relative Retention: The Relative Public Retention shows you the capacity of your video to retain viewers, comparing it to other youtube videos with the same length.

Now you already have all the necessary information to analyse your channel's videos merics!

In case any doubts remaining about the metrics present on Video Analytics, contact our support team through cs@winnin.com, or directly with your account manager. :)