Resources available inside the Topics page - Subtopics - Tags

In this article, we will detail the information available on the Subtopics - Tags tab when analyzing a Topic.

Within a subtopic, it is possible to browse through the 4 available tabs. They are: Overview, Videos, Tags and Creators. Next, we will understand what is available on the Tags tab.

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In this tab, we will find three new tabs. They correspond to groups of 50 tags that are listed organically, without any intelligence being applied for display. The groups are: Number of videos, Engagement and Views.

When you choose the group of tags you want to analyze, you can sort them by ascending or descending order in relation to the number of videos, engagement and views.

Analyzing the tag list is important because it is possible to discover and understand themes that are being highly mentioned. In addition, it is possible to identify new formats. Whenever the tag is marked with a yellow mark, it means that it is a format.

The format concerns the way in which video "envelops" the content and has the characteristic of being replicable. The best way to understand what formats are is through examples. They are: challenges, video clips, pranks, vlog, interviews, how to, etc.

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