Resources available inside the Topics page - Subtopics - Creators

In this article, we will detail the information available on the Subtopics - Creators tab when analyzing a Topic.

Within a subtopic, it is possible to browse through the 4 available tabs. They are: Overview, Videos, Tags and Creators. Next, we will understand what is available on the Creators tab.

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In this tab, it is possible to have an overview of creators related to the subtopic and view a metrics summary. In addition, it is possible to apply filters to do a dataa nalysis as we will explain in the following print:

1. Sort by:

By default, the creators on this tab are classified by engagement. However, it is possible to change the sort to: Engagement, View and Followers/Subscribers

2. Filters: 
The filters available in this tab are highlighted in the print below:

2.1 Platform: choose which platforms you want to analyze the creators from;

2.2 Countries: choose the creators country of origin you want to analyze

2.3 Creator Tier: this filter varies according to the creators number of Followers/Subscribers. It aims to facilitate the choice of the creator according to your strategy and the available budget. 

3. Visualization forms:

There are two ways to visualize the creators. In cards, the option that is already defined by default and also in table. To change the way of viewing just select the desired icon.

If you still have any questions regarding the use of the Subtopics - Creators tab inside a topic, please contact our support team at or contact your account manager directly.   :)