How can I share my Strategy Panel with others partners who participate in the creative process?


We know the importance of strategic alignment for creating campaigns and branded content among the people involved in the creative process.

Therefore, we released a visualization access to the Strategy Panel, so that third parties stay aligned with the strategy that is being developed. By default, the accesses allow the person to only view the Panel, but if necessary, the user can receive access from the editor to collaborate with the creation or maintenance of the panel.

To send the invitation you must access your Strategy Panel and then click on the Add Viewers button as highlighted in the print below:



At this stage it is necessary to fill in the details of who will be invited. The necessary data are: name, surname, country and email.



After filling in the data and clicking on the Send Invite button, the invited user will receive an email to set their password and explore the information available for viewer access. To find out what can be accessed by a viewer, click here.


If you still have any questions about how to invite a viewer user to your Strategy Panel, contact our support team at or contact your account manager directly. :)

Great insights await you!