What does our technology do that differentiates it from what you can find directly on platforms?

You may be wondering what type of information you'll find on Winnin Insights platform that you won't find directly on social media platforms.

First, many of the analysis we do are not found on the platforms themselves from where we collect these information.

We have a taxonomy team designed exclusively to study, identify and classify content in great passion points that we also call as "categories". Within these categories there are sub-areas that we call “topics” and these topics are related to what is relevant for a certain cultural niche.

From that we create models of machine learning to fill these topics with videos related to the cultural niche they're related to - this is a development entirely ours.

The advantage of Winnin Insights is the cultural mapping we do, where we are able to understand what a certain audience watches - what they're engaging with - and, therefore, what they want to continue watching.

Unlike other platforms, we answer the question: what is my audience watching and engaging with? And from the moment that you can understand this content consumption behavior of your target, you will be able to produce content that is relevant to them.