How ZAI Report works?

We know it's a lot to digest, so we did a FAQ to clarify some doubts.

    1. How many credits do I have available to use monthly?

      Your credits are provided according to your plan.
      Starter: 60 credits
      Pro: 70 credits
      Premium: 100 credits
      Enterprise: 200 credits
    2. How many credits are needed to create a report with ZAI?
      Until December 31, 2023, we have a 50% discount on credits to use ZAI Report. Until this date, one report equals 25 credits, but if you want to redo it for different insights, an additional 5 credits will be charged.

      In 2024, the price of ZAI Report will return to the usual rates: 50 credits for each new report and 10 credits for a redo.

    3. How much time do I have to use my credits? Are they cumulative?
      The credits will be provided monthly and will not be cumulative. This means that every month you will start with the same number of credits as described in your plan, and if they are not used in full within that month, they cannot be carried over to other months.
    5. My credits are running out, and I need them urgently, what do I do now?
      You can purchase additional credits directly from your CSM, or even upgrade your package to have a higher monthly credit allocation. Consult with your CSM for the most advantageous option for you! Another option is to wait until the next month to receive the free credit refill.

    6. How can I use my credits to generate a report with AI?
      You just access topics tab > choose the topic or subtopic > click in Generate Winnin AI report.

    7. What is the average time required to create a report with AI?
      The time can vary depending on the size and quantity of videos on a topic. For example, "Football", which is a larger topic compared to "Sustainability" may take longer because it has a greater number of videos to be analyzed by ZAI. We estimate an average of 1 hour for report production.

    8. Can I edit a report that was created with AI?
      Yes, you can add or remove any elements from your report.

    9. Is ZAI safe to handle confidential data?
      Yes, Winnin Insights has been built with a focus on data security and privacy. We employ stringent measures to safeguard your information.

    10. Can the same results generated for me be generated for someone else?
      The generated results can be similar based on the analyzed videos, but we take into consideration the brand name and the context you provide on the platform for ZAI to create your report and make it customized for you.

    11. How does AI compare to the manual creation of custom reports?

      Custom reports are part of a service that leverages the expertise and creativity of our employees, as well as market context and all the data and briefings they receive from our clients.

      On the other hand, ZAI is a tool that helps your creative process, enabling you to autonomously and automatically get insights through our AI.

    12. What else is important to know about using ZAI?

      Like all artificial intelligence, ZAI is a tool that develops through the data and algorithms it is fed, and given that all data comes from partner platforms, the results presented in no way reflect the opinions or positions of Winnin or any of its legal representatives, employees, and/or third-party affiliated companies.

      Therefore, the nature of artificial intelligence requires that you critically evaluate the shared and generated insights, as they do not replace human analysis. In any case, if you come across any inappropriate content, we ask that you report it to your CSM so that we can make the necessary adjustments.