How to use the Videos Tab

In this article we will show you the Videos Tab applicability and how to use it correctly.

The Videos tab is where we find all the videos present in our database, whether they are already classified within a topic or not. The main function of this Tab is to be a free search format. With keyword targeting, you can find videos on certain themes quickly and conveniently.

Tip: Good use of the Videos Tab are, for example, to understand what people are creating about your Brand, to be able to follow specific themes and even to be able to find territories between different Categories.

Before detailing how the Search bar operates, it is worth mentioning that, like other Winnin Insights pages, the Videos Tab also has filters that can help you to organize the content the way you want:

1. Sort By:

By default, the videos on this tab are sorted by engagement. However, it is possible to sort them by: Views, Likes, Comments or Upload Date. 

2. Upload date:

On this filter it is possible to choose the time period you want to view according to the available time frames. By default, the listed videos are content produced in the last 1 year.

However, it is possible to change the time frames to show content produced within 7 days, 30 days, 3 months, 6 months, 9 months and 1 year.

3. Filters:

You can filter from which platform you want to view the videos. The available platforms are Facebook, Instagram and Youtube. In addition, it is also possible to filter by the country of origin, engagement, views, likes, comments, and duration. It is also possible to filter by the Topics and Categories present in the Winnin Insights taxonomy.

4. Visualization forms: 

There are two ways to visualize the videos. In cards, the default option, and also in table. To change the way of viewing just select the desired icon.

The Search Bar works through Boolean Search. This means that in order to do a search, you must combine terms through operators. They are: "   ", ( ), OR, AND and NOT.

OR: The “OR” operator offers flexible inclusion, that is, it increases the possibilities, and so it increases the search results.

AND: This operator combines the words chosen to search for more complex structures and so it limits your search results.

NOT: The operator “NOT” is exclusive and none of the results will contain the term(s) that follow after.

"   " : This operator specifies the search for the term or keyword that is in quotation marks as is written.

(   ): The brackets are used to group a set of conditions or terms/keywords, giving more complexity to your search, especially when we need to use the OR and the AND operator.

Now that you understand how to use these operators, let's go to the practical examples. LET'S SEARCH!


  • Search bar: beer
    The search result has all the videos where the word "beer" appears.

  • Search bar: beer OR cerveja
    The search result has all the videos where the word "beer" or "cerveja" appears.

  • Search bar: beer AND challenge
    The search result has all the videos where the words "beer" and "challenge" appear within the same video. Note that the videos resulting from this search will contain both words.

  • Search bar: beer NOT heineken
    The search result has all the videos where the words "beer" appear, subtracting all videos where the word "heineken" is also present.


  • Search bar: "home workout"

    The search result has all the videos where the term "home workout" appear. The quotation marks group all the words as one term.


  • Search bar: pollution AND (sea OR ocean OR beach)

The search result has all the videos where the word "pollution" connects with each word within the brackets.

There are countless possibilities of operator combinations in order to make your research results either broader or more specific.

If you still have any questions regarding the use of the Videos Tab, please contact our support team at or contact your account manager directly.   :)