1. Methodology & Metrics

How to perform a culture analysis?

Analyzing culture is an important step that allows the identification of cultural niches and opportunities for the brand to develop more relevant interactions with its consumers. In this article we will show you how to do that!

The Culture analysis can be done through the combination of a quantitative analysis (using the data and metrics provided by Winnin Insights), and a qualitative analysis (observing videos contents from the topics you chose).

Let us guide you through!

First, you must choose the audience you want to reach by clicking on Audience. In this step it is possible to combine 3 filter options - Gender, Age and Country):

After selecting the desired filters, click on Apply to update the data for the selected audience.

  1. See which topics engage the most and have bigger audiences. You can also sort the topics by Audience Size and Engag./Video.

  2. Choose the topic you want to analyze and select it by clicking on the name. Within this topic, watch the most engaged videos and analyze the most engaged creators.

  3. Click on Subtopics and Tags to perform a more granular analysis of the chosen topic. See the most engaged subtopics and tags and click on them if you want to understand their universe better.

  4. When identifying a topic, subtopic, tag, video, creator or brand that you want to follow it is possible to pin the information - by clicking on the + button right next to their names - so that it is added to your strategy board.

    You can understand more about how to build your Strategy Board in the article: My Strategy Board.

    If you still have any questions regarding the culture analysis, please contact our support team at cs@winnin.com or contact your account manager directly. :)

Great insights awaits you!