How does Winnin Insights help marketing teams?

Our software structures video consumption data around the world in order that it's users can predict trends and understand culture on a deeper level.

By understanding what is really relevant to their audience, marketing teams are able to create strategies that place consumers at the center of the creative process, making the brand much more culturally relevant to their audience and able to create a much more meaningful relationship.

This way, opportunities can be divided into two main points: Cultural Mapping (Strategy) and Cultural Relevance.

With cultural mapping, we help marketing teams understand:

  • what is really relevant to your target audience;
  • who is really relevant;
  • who has ownership to address specific issues;
  • who has real engagement with the public;
  • who is on the rise;

These points are very important to help marketing teams on making strategic decisions and understanding their audience.

As well as the strategy, the software also helps a lot on daily routines of marketing teams in order to understand cultural relevance:

  • finding people who have a better fit with your brand;
  • engaging in conversations with your audience in a genuine way;
  • finding the best approach on each subject;
  • replicating formats that are relevant to your audience;
  • understanding which videos to use as a creative reference.

In addition, the usability of the platform is very intuitive. Winnin Insights summarizes complex data into actionable, clear and accessible information. Even though it is a data tool, it was designed to be used by creatives, so our information is easy to understand. Thus, it is possible to speed up the development of briefings, campaigns and content production in general.

Great insights await you!