Can I understand what is relevant for all ages with Winnin Insights?

With our platform you will understand what is relevant for all legal ages. We have audience filters from 13 to +65 years old, divided into age groups.

Applying the +65 years old filter, for example, you will notice that the most relevant topics are different from the 13-17 years old group.

However, depending on the age group, our amount of data is smaller because there are groups that are less active on the internet, which is the case of users over 65 years old. Although the sample sizes are different, they are enough to make many statements.

Insights data is calculated by sampling, that is,  we take a reasonable number of people, a sample, process this information and only then we identify them by gender and age.

Our data proportion is the same as the people proportion, so if there are more people from 25 to 34 on the internet, consequently, we have more information about this group.

Regarding very young people, under the age of 13, we don't have access to their data because legally they cannot have their own accounts, according to the platforms' policy. Youtube's case is a little different because it has a children's area, but it is integrated with their parents' profile, that is, so they may actually not be the real consumers of the content, therefore we don't take their date into account.